Appreciate your fabulous uniqueness

it's not me it's you

Appreciate your own self on a daily basis and see that magical power slowly and steadily will impact your life and you will do what is impossible in possible ways. It is an art that each one of you must know to bring your own personality and will change your entire life with fulfillment and happiness. Be aware of yourself that something is really valuable to you. I appreciate your uniqueness and your fabulous smartness, each one of you is special and worthy of every smile in your life. Always appreciate small things you did for others as well as appreciate what others did to you. It will increase your own trust in your own eyes.

Admire your Uniqueness

Here in this part, we will see how we are going to appreciate ourselves. Art of appreciating is very helpful for the uplifting of oneself it makes you understand the worth or importance of your own self. It recognizes the valuable skills you own. Admire it and with that unique quality open the doors of your own happiness. Believe in it and you will get your own way of living and satisfaction.

If you fill your mind with positive pleasant thoughts you will attract positive and pleasant experiences.
Your thoughts also have the tendency to reveal your facial experiences and even in your overall countenance. They are literally reflected by the person carries herself.
Appreciate your thoughts and improve your ways of thoughts. Each one of us has that fabulous uniqueness. If we don’t stand up within, the opinion of others can spread like wildfire burning down anything in its path. Don’t you all agree!
Mostly among us have opinions, “What that person thinks of me is more important than what I think of myself.”

The most powerful product of thoughts is the beliefs they form. Once we believe something is true, we begin gathering evidence to support that belief. Whatever you repeat consistently, you will begin to believe. Let’s look if you think you are ugly, worthless and stupid you may begin to believe it. Likewise, if you think of yourself beautiful, worthy and smart you will eventually believe that too and began behaving accordingly. So the magic lies in your thoughts whether you have positive and negative thoughts choice is yours. I appreciate your fabulous uniqueness.

How we can master our thinking?

Have the habit of saying the phrase “I CAN!” It has the potential to win your life.
The ugly four letters word “I CAN’T!” If not eliminated it has the potential to control your life.
Remember “Can’t ever do it!”It will shut off the possibility to succeed. Unless we take control of our thinking we cannot improve our performance. The problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. For that, we must change our thinking.

Today wherever you are, your level of thinking has brought you this far in life.
Is n’t it right? For me it’s true wherever I am today it’s because of my level of thinking which has brought me the same applies in everyone’s life. It’s not others who brought you this far you and only your way of thinking has created the life you are living.

So, make the important shift in your thinking from focusing on where you are, to focusing on the future you want to achieve as though you already achieved it.
Always asked yourself at whatever you are stuck at. What I must do better next time? What I must do differently to ensure succeeding at this task in the future?

Remember your thoughts can either create fear, or they can create confidence in you. They can create pain or they can create resolve and joy.
Your thoughts can lead you to take action or they can drive you to withdraw and even give up. Always be appreciative of your fabulous uniqueness will boost your confidence.

it's not me it's you
How do you control your thoughts?

*It is vital that you begin today by engaging in uplifting conversations with yourself and others.
*Be aware of the books and magazines you read, your television and news intake.
*Do they uplift you?
*Do they inspire you to stretch and grow for the better?

Each one of these activities if not continuously managed can dramatically affect you.
A simple strategy I have found to reduce the impact of such thoughts is to immediately change your facial expressions, the way you stand and sit.

It is vital that what you think and says to yourself reflects your expectations that your goals can and will be accomplished. Believe it!
Believe in yourself, you can do it. Lastly, goals give direction to the mind.
When you are living with purpose, your mind is occupied with achieving your goals.

A famous quote,
“If there is no adversary within, the adversary on the outside can do us no harm.”

My experience says, If you alter the way you think about yourself, this will alter what you attract into your day to day experience. Believe that you have got all kinds of manners and greatness. Remember any seed nourished will eventually bear fruit good or bad.

“Beware of those who criticize you when you deserve some praise for an achievement, for it is they who secretly desire to be worshiped.”
Recognizing your own fabulous distinctiveness will accomplish more and more positive changes in your life.

I appreciate your fabulous uniqueness.

So here what fruit are you yielding?
Think wisely!
Now it’s you who can eliminate your random thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.
I insist you all truly that be kind to yourself! I repeat
Be kind to yourself and only you can be kind to others.
Be true to yourself sky is unlimited you can achieve great things beyond your environment.
Believe it!