Don’t Die Before Your Death

dont die always remember sun always rise

Always Be More 

Don’t die before your death here it means Don’t let anything stop you from chasing your own greatness. always be more and fulfill your happiness don’t make yourself a pitying woman rather be bold and strong.

“I do not attract that which I want but that which I am”
Did you catch that?
Yes, we attract that which we are, not that which we want!

Today through this topic I want you to know the importance of taking the time to work for yourself improvement which not openly doors too many unlocked doors but to unlimited opportunities. Don’t die before your death it means don’t lower your emotions too low. Everything will get passed out.   Remember this
“The biggest room in the world is the room for ourself to improve”
If we want more, then we must become more.

First Love yourself, because that’s with whom you will be spending the rest of your life. Right!
So let’s start focusing on ourselves.

You want more money, more valuable relationships, dream home or any other goal.
Then what must you do to become the person that will attract it?
Think about it.

Here is the magic … I must tell you…
We do have
Yes this is the law of compensation
Which you must know and must follow this law to achieve great heights in your chosen area.

This law depends upon three rules
Firstly Law of Sowing and Reaping
If you are not getting what you want, then change what you are sowing.
Perhaps we need to do practice a little harder and little longer to be better of our self.
Here is the key to a winner or great Achievers.
This slight edge will make a difference in our lives.

Now it’s time to look for second Law
Law of increasing returns:
Not only you reap what you sow but you reap more than you sow
Just believe it.

Last rule, Law of Delayed Gratification
It requires patience, a long holding of you once you have invested time and energy. Hold to it.

You look around people achieving their goals, be sure that they have made the commitment to their goals, and they were consistently improved upon their skills and abilities.
They invest countless hours of practice before the opportunity arises.


Get ready for the opportunity when it comes

If you invest in yourself now, the dividends would be paid back in multiple rewards.
That’s the truth.

Many of us want to be great parents, teachers, coders, leaders athletes, etc…
Are you a great teacher or a good teacher?
Are you a great Parent or a good parent?
Are you a great Coder or a good coder?

By this phrase, we came to know the education plays an important role in the personality-development of women.

When you are good, good results you will get.
When you are great you are more likely to get great results.

Then I hold each one of your hands to tell that
Make the commitment to learn all you can, the art of a great teacher, great parent, great Coder and so on…

An Amazing promise…
” on the same subject spend one hour a day for five years”.
You will be an expert on that subject.”

Yes, it is going to work wonders If you are ready to do it.

Choose your habits wisely!

Improving yourself requires self-discipline. It prevents you from engaging in self-indulgent behaviors.

My sole interest is to make you go from being good to great women.
To become great consistently work at it; develop your God gifted talents it can be your greatest resource and also great inner satisfaction.

You must make a deliberate effort to grow and change specifically in alignment with your goals.

On the way welcome both positive and negative feedback embrace it and learn from the feedback you receive.
Feedback, if listened to, will put you “on course”.
If ignored it will take you “off course”.

We all have opportunities to learn and grow, may even have multiple college degrees, yet do little with it?
Listen o! My great ladies don’t die
The only way knowledge has power is when you apply it. “Use it or lose it”.

So it’s really very important to make a daily commitment to improve and maintain your good habits once you acquire it.

Self-improvement leads not only to Achievement but also to a greater sense of fulfillment.

Hold yourself to high standards which enabled you to form quality habits and thus making you great in your chosen area.

If you continually work on yourself you become sharper in your thinking, you will be more equipped with more accurate data that directly corresponds with the quality of decisions you make. There is a life in you, search that life, search the secret beauty in the mountain of your body.

You will be more likely to come up with effective strategies and solutions.
As a result, you are more likely to discover what you want and what you are passionate about.

Take a little time to evaluate and reflect on where you have been, where you are going, and where you want to be.
Believe as you grow, you become more valuable. More cherish able, more matured.
So my dearest friend,
Prepare consciously and deliberately spend the time to work on yourself be a quality woman.

” Before Your Death Don’t Die”

Today I will do the following to improve myself:———–

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