Perfect but not bold

Age is not prerequisite for success

perfect but not bold
unlock your true potential

Are Big Dreams possible

Big dreams and goals are achievable through learning and personal growth. No matter how difficult your circumstances may seem at this moment. Possibilities are still available to you. The moment you believe in yourself it will unlock your true potential.

Unfortunately Too many have lost sight of the greatness we possess within. Although we all are perfect but not ready to be bold. You need to Automate your motivation. Born To Win Automate Your Motivation

You can decide today to change your life by simply putting it into action. I always told myself that I can do things and I just went and did them.

you and I  can do all the things through faith which strengthens us.  Believe It!

It is never too late to be what you might have been “. Age is not a prerequisite for success.

In order to turn dreams into reality Begin with decisions. Great power exists within a tiny seed, and your decisions are the means to unleashing the power. Do not fall victim to a genetic code or the conditioning of your past.

If you are stuck somewhere look for the opportunities around and decide to change yourself.

“Don’t go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail”.

We all have the freedom to decide what we want to think and choose our behavior so the outcome should be successful.

All achievement is the direct result of the power of our decisions.

Made the decisions not to give into hardships instead do everything in power to rise above the challenge.

The decision to fight and fight it hard.

Unlock True Perfect Potential to be Bold 

Think for a moment about the decisions you made this morning.


The decision to show more love and value and patience in your relationship affects the quality of your relationship. Isn’t it?

You don’t simply wake up one morning having lost weight; neither do you wake up one day with all your goals achieved and living the life of your dreams.

Decisions can shape your destiny.  The decision to press forward despite defeat; take action despite your fears and worries.

Stop defending your habits, stop complaining and blaming others for what you are not achieving what you want to achieve.

Start doing something about them.

Make a decision to have higher self-esteem!  Make a decision that you are a person worthy of your goals.

Most Importantly, Make a decision to Believe in yourself!

Wherever you are today simply the result of your thoughts and beliefs.

Simple, if you want to change your life then change your decision.

Whatever decisions you are making make sure that it is right, once you make it take responsibility for them. No turning back.

We know deep down what is best for us, yet we became paralyzed by fear. We often heard fear as False Emotions Appearing Real.

“Obstacles will inevitably pop up on the path to fulfilling your passion and when they do, you must listen to your instinct, your intuition that little voice deep inside that just knows”.

Making decisions requires faith and belief in others in one’s self.

So it is with you .B e bold have faith and make decision .regardless of the outcome.

Calculate decision

The sum total of your good decision outweighs any poor decision –You are moving in the right direction.

That’s all for today…

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