Power of Words, Words have power!

words have power to create magic in ones own life .It can make you or break you .choose your words wisely.

words have power use them wisely

Today you will explore the power of words, the words that you use in our communication. You exchange words with each other daily and these words have got power in it. Yes, the words have power in it. It can make you super energetic or vice versa. I always believe that words are super healer it can make you winner and if not used in a proper way it can break you. You could not find always people who use positive words in your life .so use power words for yourself to overcome any negative words you have heard it from others, Be emotionally strong that you can handle it and give it aside and bloom yourself in a beautiful flower. Believe it you can do it. Believe in the power of words. Use the words that always give you spirit and full of joy in yourself.

Programming our minds 

words have power use them wisely https://www.uniw2w.com/index.php/2019/09/17/demand-more-from-yourself/

If you don’t know what you want you are likely to wrap up getting nowhere and wander through life without direction. So, it’s really important to program your minds in such a way that you are going to pass out in every situation, you must have to program your minds positively and execute it in a winning manner. Efforts you keep on will definitely give you a candescent result. Empower yourself with the use of powerful words daily. It’s high time for self-assessment.

Automate yourself with Robotic process

  1. Determine your key possessions. Robust your thinking in your true size.
  2. On no account sell yourself short.
  3. Always improve your vocabulary.

As I said your words have power in it. Remember the only things that count about your use of vocabulary are the outcome of your own words and phrase you use on yourself and others thinking.

Did you think in words or phrases? No, you do not think in words or phrases but only in pictures and imaginations. Your so-called mind automatically converts words and sentences into mind pictures. I hope you will agree with this. Here the point I want to clear is this…

Winners are specialists about their own thinking and they always create optimistic pictures in their own minds and in the mind of others. They keep daily producing positive mental images about themselves as well as for others. They are also honest in creating those positive pictures.

How to develop positive power words?

*Always use positive, cheery phrases when one’s asked you how you feel?

Say you feel just wonderful at every possible opportunity. It will always win friends.

*At all times use favorable words and phrases to describe other people, make it your tenet to have good and positive words for all the people you are surrounded by it can be your love one’s, associates, colleagues you work with or the workers who work for you.

*Last and yet very important all the time use positive and encouraging speech for others and for yourself. Appreciate, compliment and use special good words to motivate yourself and others too. Praise and administered it sincerely, again and again, I promise it will work for you and for others too.

*Victory words always win support and will make you feel responsible and self-worth of your role in other’s life.

Build Castle’s, don’t dig graves.


create words that have poiwer

Splendid plan for adding value to oneself

You need to get focused and believe in yourself and trust your own ability and judgments. Be sure you dwell on what you want rather than what you want to avoid. Programming of mind adds value to everything. Always programmed your mind for what can be done don’t stick with the present.

Here are keys to add value

  1. Daily motivate yourself and ask how I can be better today from yesterday. Adding value to yourself is itself a promise of opening the doors of improvement in every aspect of your life.
    Handling your work, your relationship, handling your kids, or your own business.
  2. Next how you are adding value to people? Always visualize the best of others, they will become more effective and bring out their best .yes this is the way to get the best results of anybody you are surrounded. It can be your spouse, kids, colleagues, students, associates, the one who works under you. Visualize best about each one of their roles it will turn to give you best. You will be not disappointed. Do it.
  3. Practice adding value to things you have, look for the ideas to make things significant and better. It can be your living room, kitchen, etc. whatever things you have always add value to it.
    I want to conclude it by,
  4. “Think poor, stay poor. Think rich, stay rich”
    Begin it by doing your ways and believe in it, if you don’t strive for the high things in life you will settle for the low.
    You can do it if you think


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