Turn Hardship into possibility

turn hardship into possibility

Dearest and lovely women   

turn hardship into possibility

“All Achievement or defeat is born in the moment of

thought.”Managing this powerful, yet subtle force maybe your greatest accomplishment in life.
“Whatever thoughts you allow to dominate your mind will have a direct impact on what you attract into your life”. We are what we think about all day long. ” If you let good thoughts dominate your mind, good is likely to come your way. so how you will turn your hardship into possibility.

Like Attract Like

Listen If your mind is dominated by your dreams and goals you are bound to attract those dreams and goals into your life. Have a Look at this insight
The good thought had long been secretly fostered in the heart and the hour of opportunity revealed its gathered power. Circumstances do not make the person it reveals her to herself. This is the truth of the power of thought. So thoughts if not managed properly, can lead to compromise
and defeat. Similarly if managed properly can lead you to victory.  
If I asked:
Who are you?
How would you describe yourself?
What makes you worthy of your goals?
What special abilities do you process that makes Achieving your goals possible?
How would you answer?  
Begin by changing your thinking the way that you think about yourself, others and the world.

For too many of us have the habit of saying negative phrases such as ‘I am so stupid’. ‘Things never change.’
‘I don’t have any talents.’ ‘ I can’t find a job’.
We question our ability and even our potential.
Do you all agree? Right! These thoughts not only made you insecure they almost convinced us to decline the opportunity to speak.

Negative thinking is largely an unconscious process.

Therefore, the moment we become aware of self-defeating
thoughts pervading our minds, it is vital that we dispel them. Let’s check! How does it work?
‘Aim to lose weight’.
Immediately our inner voice response
“Come on Honey you deserve it. You can afford to treat yourself”.One little bite won’t hurt. Quickly and happily the donut is gone!
So you can’t stop yourself from thinking nor you can always
control what thoughts enter your mind, but you can control
what you focus and dwell upon. I repeat you can control what you focus and dwell upon. In every negative situation begin to focus on something
positive, be more effective to be solution-focused than obstacle focused. Hope you got my point.
The goal here is to prevent you from holding on to and replaying negative thoughts.

Remember all precious and talented ladies: Automate Your Motivation 

You are the creator of your life and whatever thoughts you
consistently sow you will also reap.”

Whatever situation you are in  Always choose a new angle .
Begin focusing on the benefits of experience, rather than the pain. Think about it. Logic is here
Thoughts are the cause, and the conditions they create are the effect. Again read these line 
Thoughts are the cause, and the conditions they create are the effect.  
“Real change comes from within It means working on
yourself from the inside starting with your heart”.  
The root of most problems.  
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